[Medical Grade] iPhone 15 Ultra HD Privacy Eye Care Tempered Glass Screen Protector - Anti Blue Light

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Accredited by the FDA & SOLAR LIGHT
Anti Blue Light iPhone screen protector

Suitable for all age Groups

Reduce eye fatigue, decreased vision, astigmatism, tension, dry eyes, eye itching, decreased attention, anxiety, which caused by blue light.


HD Screen Protector

✔️Explosion-proof glass

✔️Crystal Clarity

✔️Silky smooth touch

✔️Leaves no scratches

✔️Reduce 99% of red and purple light, filter 70% of blue light.

✔️Does not leave fingerprints or oil stains

HD Glass Screen Protector

Not only does it block blue light, it also makes your phone look newer, becoming a work of art in any environment.


How does it prevent blue light?

We apply rare earth elements on the glass surface, which can absorb light radiation.

How much blue light does it blocks?

It intercepts 70% of the blue light in the 435-440 nm band emitted by mobile phones, computers and avoid prolonged exposure of the pupils to blue light.

What's in the package?

Installation aid 1

Installation kit 1

screen protector 1

Cleaning cloth 1

How to paste the protector?

Use the tool kit to clean the surface of the phone screen, then align the screen protector from any side and start pasting.

Does screen protector affect phone touch sensitivity?

The screen surface is smooth and the response sensitivity is high.

  • Having multiple functions such as UV protection, anti radiation, and anti fall.
  • 0.3mm thickness, full edge coverage.
  • Avoid screen scratches when exercising outdoors.
  • Protect personal privacy in public places.
  • Made of Corning glass, 5 times stronger than others.
  • Good screen adhesion with vacuum coating, easy to install.
  • 69% rate of anti-blue light with rare earth eye protection technology.
  • Certified by FDA authoritatively.
  • Lifetime warranty included if the product unit price exceeds $30.

The Reasons Worth Choosing

We have been engaged in optical research, glass research, and production for over 30 years.

    Screen, Leaded, Operator Radiation Protector, PERFECTSIGHT Medical-Grade Electronic, Radiation Protective Screen Protector

  • The Technology Was Applied to Fighter Jets

    The radar absorption principle of the F-22 fighter jet absorbs and blocks harmful light.

  • Professional Research Team

    Our company's R&D team consists of ophthalmologists from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC).

Customer reviews

17 Reviews
Micah Milligan

I have the best luck with this product. I drop my phone all the time and it has always protected my screen. It goes better than any other tempered glass. I have tried absolutely no bubbles for months and months. I love it.

Astrid Sugo

I purchased two of these screen covers because my eyes were feeling the effects of sitting in front of a monitor more than I should work. They helped with the blue light glare better than expected. Very easy ordering multiple sizes available and easy set up.

E. Mooney

A lot more heavy duty than I anticipated, good quality, works great, will definitely reduce the strain on my eyes would definitely recommend.


Still in good condition starting to peel a little no cracks no scratches I have dropped it a few times it fit my iPhone 12


Great screen protector, goes all the way to the edge and the black border looks clean. Saved my screen severs falls, finally cracked after a no case drops straight to the screen, but the phone was fine!

Gloria Baiz

I had no problem with screen protector and it works good.

Tracie Hanson

I really like this but, I’m going to make it simple:


My eyes aren’t as tired when I’m with my phone

I have noticed I’m less eye bags

no headache anymore

Easy to install

Once you put it in your phone. You won’t notice or not even remember it’s there. It’s very thin in which is no bother


Breaks maybe (it fell once and it got a very deep scratch. But it did miraculously protect my phone after a lot of falls.

Charley L.

This is the best screen protector I’ve ever purchased for my iPhone.

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Big fan. I’ve tried other screen covers in the past and had tons of air bubbles. This installed perfectly with no bubbles. Would buy again.

Kevin Johnson

The durability of these protectors is truly commendable.


Seems like it's good for my eyes


Honestly, this is the only screen I have gotten for a good price that hasn’t turned up wack. I would recommend getting more than one just so it’s worth the delivery fee. Doesn’t affect the screen quality or touch. 100% will buy more when the one I have gone bad.


The process of putting on the screen was very easy! The package came with wet and dry cleaning wipes, plus a screen fitting frame: once on the screen protector automatically connected with the screen with no air bubbles except in the very edges. The best part is that the color of the screen looks the same even with the blue light protection. 🎉 Very good product! I’ll definitely buy this again!

Ethan Dubois

It's like a second skin for my phone. Barely noticeable, but incredibly effective.

Zack Jones

Hello, Safely it has received the goods. I am satisfied with the fast speed. You are a trustworthy sailor, shop. I would appreciate your favor if there is another opportunity. Thank you very much. I'm back soon!


Excellent product and service, thanks.

Samir Heller

Product is as described and the touch sensitivity has exceeded expectations. Also I dropped my phone accidentally after I installed it and not even a scratch on the screen.