Medically Rated Blue Light Radiation Blockers

Our medically (FDA & SOLAR LIGHT) rated screen protectors filter out harmful blue light and radiation, to protect the health of us, our children and families...
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A Blue Light Filter for Everyone

We are in the environment of blue light all the time, Studies have shown that prolonged and repeated exposure to blue light can have various negative effects on our bodies.

In the short-term, it can lead to aches, strains, pains, and fatigue around the eye area. Additionally, it can damage cells in the retina.

More time in front of screens = more blue light = more headaches & fatigue = lower productivity. (We also make anti blue light glasses)

A Radiation Filter for Everyone

We often find ourselves spending extended periods of time using computers or mobile phones. The radiation emitted from electronic devices can pose hazards to our eyes, particularly in the form of electromagnetic radiation.

Prolonged exposure to electronic devices can lead to discomforting symptoms such as eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches.

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