Brand: PerfectSight

Models Screen Protector we have :


Iphone 15  Iphone 15 PRO  Iphone 15 PLUS  Iphone 15 PRO MAX

Iphone 14  Iphone 14 PRO  Iphone 14 PLUS  Iphone 14 PRO MAX

Iphone 13  Iphone 13 MINI  Iphone 13 PRO  Iphone 13 PRO MAX

Iphone 12  Iphone 12 MINI  Iphone 12 PRO  Iphone 12 PRO MAX

Iphone 11  Iphone 11 PRO  Iphone 11 PRO MAX  Iphone SE 

Iphone XS MAX  Iphone XR  Iphone X/XS 

Iphone 8  Iphone 8 PLUS 

Iphone 7  Iphone 7 PLUS


iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2018-2022)

iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2015-2017)

iPad Pro 11-inch (2018-2022)

10.9-inch iPad Air 5(2022)

10.9-inch iPad Ari 4(2020)

10.5-inch iPad Air(2019)

9.7-inch iPad Air 2/1

10.9-inch iPad 10 (2022)

10.2-inch iPad (2019)

9.7-inch iPad 6/5/ Pro2016

iPad mini 6  iPad mini 5  iPad mini 4  iPad mini 4/3/2


Macbook Pro 16.2''(2021-2023)  

Macbook Pro 16"(2019-2020)

Macbook Pro 15"

Macbook Pro 14"(2021-2023)

Macbook Pro 13"(2016-2022)

Macbook Air 13.6"

Macbook Air 13"


Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite  Nintendo Switch OLED

What functions do we have:

Waterproof, oil-proof, fingerprint-resistant, bacteria-inhibiting
Explosion-proof, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant
Blue light absorption, anti-peep, anti-glare, high-definition and high-transparency
Good touch feel

How to distinguish versions and what are the differences

Perfectsight 1.0:

It's a common screen protector that's cheaper, better quality, and has more features than similarly priced products.

But it does not contain the eye protection function of rare earth elements and the anti-blue light function of rare earth elements.

Perfectsight 2.0:

Our patented product. 8 kinds of rare rare earth materials are coated with plasma resonance absorption,

allowing the product to effectively absorb harmful light emitted by electronic screens,

reducing screen lumens by 60%. It has multiple eye protection functions such as anti-radiation,

anti-infrared, and anti-blue light, which can reduce the damage to the eyes caused by harmful light

from electronic screens such as tablets and computers, and provide more comprehensive eye protection.