iPhone 15 Series Matte Anti Glare Privacy Screen Protector - Upgraded Anti Reflection High Transmittance Rare Earth Eye Protection Anti Blue Light

$49.99  - $86.99
Upgraded Medical-grade Anti-glare Screen Protector with anti-blue light and anti-radiation function, reducing light pollution and safeguarding visual health.
Assist you in scientifically protecting your eyes, absorbing and filtering harmful light and rays, and enabling healthy screen reading.
Reduce screen reflection, present the real picture quality, enjoy the high-definition visual experience.
Protect your privacy, provide an extra layer of protection for your phone privacy.
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Constantly exposed to electronic devices? Feeling eye strain during work or study? Now, you definitely need our Perfectsight Anti Reflection Medical-grade Blue Light and Radiation Blocking Screen Protector!

Utilizing rare earth coating technology, this upgraded Screen Protector relieves visual fatigue and safeguards your family's eye health.

Our new technology enhances your screen's light transmission, effectively reduces reflections, and the screen remains visible under sunlight, improving visual comfort.

Bring a healthier screen reading experience into your daily life now.


How to remove the screen protector?

To remove the screen protector, use a credit card or your fingernail to gently lift the corner of the protector. Peel it off slowly while applying minimal force to avoid damaging the screen or the screen protector.

How to apply the screen protector?

Thoroughly clean the screen of your device using alcohol wipes and a microfiber or lint-free cloth, align the screen protector with your device, and then slowly apply it from one end to the other, wiping away any bubbles or imperfections as you do so. Press the edges to ensure a firm fit.

Does the Privacy Screen Protector work?

Yes, privacy screen protectors are effective in preventing others from easily viewing what's on your screen.

If you care about privacy and often use your device in public places, then a privacy screen protector may be a useful accessory to consider.

How does a phone screen protector protect against blue light?

The screen protector film has a blue light interception rate of 55%-70% within the 435-440NM range.

It mainly achieves this by applying rare earth elements on the screen protector film, forming a rare earth eye protection coating.

This coating effectively absorbs the blue light and radiation emitted by the screen, creating a medical-grade phone eye protector with multiple eye protection benefits.

What’s the difference between HD screen protector and AR screen protector?

The main difference is the display characteristics.

High Definition (HD) screen protector focuses on clarity and maintains the original screen quality.

While AR screen protector uses AR technology, which can reduce the original screen reflected light by 4% and increase the original screen transmittance rate by 4%, providing a clearer screen and making the screen more readable in bright light.