Anti-Glare Screen Protector For iPhone 7/8/Plus | Anti-Radiation & Blue Light - iPhone 7/8 /Plus

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Accredited by the FDA & SOLAR LIGHT

The Healthiest Screen Protector

PerfectSight solves all your common problems with the iPhone Screen Protector, and every function has excellent results. Become your best choice for a screen protector.

Experience the next level of device protection, where waterproof, oil-proof, and antibacterial features come together seamlessly.

No more unsightly smudges or fingerprints compromising your viewing experience.

Our product's innovative coating repels oil, maintaining a pristine display and reducing the need for constant cleaning And our product inhibits bacterial growth

Where explosion-proof, wear-resistant, and scratch-free features converge to provide unmatched longevity and resilience.

Experience confidence in the face of accidental drops or sudden impacts, knowing your device is shielded from harm.

Our product endures daily use, maintaining its pristine appearance over time.

Revel in a scratch-free experience and an extended service life.

It boasts a scratch-resistant surface, ensuring your device remains blemish-free.

Step into a realm where touch, quality, and aesthetics converge seamlessly. Our electroplated AF layer is more than just a feature; it's a statement of refinement and excellence.

Elevate your touch experience to new heights. Our electroplated AF layer ensures a smooth, responsive touch, making interactions with your device a seamless and enjoyable affair.

Feel the difference as your device responds effortlessly to your every command.

Not only does it enhance touch sensitivity, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your device. Revel in the sleek and sophisticated appearance that complements the premium design of your device.

Advance to the highest level

Perfectsight is a companion that cares for your visual well-being. Elevate your device usage to new heights, where comfort and clarity coexist seamlessly.

A Holistic Solution for Visual Stress

Long hours on electronic devices can trigger various issues such as dry eyes, itching, oily skin, dryness, premature aging, nervousness, shoulder pain, irritability, and even insomnia. Perfectsight acts as a comprehensive solution, tackling these concerns head-on and providing relief for a more comfortable and enjoyable screen time.

The carefully calibrated 3500 lumens create the best visual atmosphere, ensuring your eyes enjoy the most comfortable brightness range.

Unlike screens with low light transmittance, Perfectsight prioritizes your eye comfort. By reducing glare and adjusting light levels, you can prevent visual fatigue when using your device for extended periods of time. Say goodbye to the stress of looking at screens for long periods of time and enjoy a more relaxing and enjoyable viewing experience.

Reasons for purchase, including insurance

After you purchase the device film, if there are quality problems such as transportation errors, adaptation problems, damage during use, etc., and you need to replace the film with a new one, we will provide you with a new device screen protector for free. Of course, the only limitation is that you can only specify the model of device you purchased and the circumstances under which the damage occurred.