Smart things to do before getting a new phone

Smart Things To Do Before Getting A New Phone

Most people get excited when they get a new phone. But while you are excited, don’t forget to configure the corresponding accessories for our new mobile phones, including mobile phone protective films, mobile phone protective cases, Bluetooth headsets, etc. So how to choose? We take the iPhone screen protector as an example now.

1. The choice of material for iPhone screen protector

  • Tempered glass screen protectors are always one of the best-selling products. It offers multiple layers of protection to minimize damage from daily wear and tear, occasional drops, and impacts without causing serious damage. This screen protector has a high hardness rating. This means the screen protector is scratch-resistant and stays crystal clear, giving you a user experience that rivals the device screen itself. The screen protector of Perfectsight is also anti-fingerprint designed to reduce fingerprint smudges that can affect the clear appearance of your screen.
  • PET screen protectors won't pop, chip, or crack and are rated 3H on the pencil hardness scale, which means they have moderate scratch resistance but little impact protection. You can also choose a PET/TPU screen protector that offers edge coverage or is waterproof.

2. Special Features to Protect Mobile Devices

  • Anti-glare iPhone screen protector 

A privacy iPhone screen protector can reduce reflection and glare. It can reduce eye pressure, relieve visual fatigue, and provide you with a comfortable use experience whether you are reading on your mobile phone under dazzling sunlight or looking at a high-brightness mobile phone late at night. The anti-glare iPhone screen protector from Perfectsight will be the best choice for you.

  • Anti-spy iPhone screen protector

You can also choose a screen protector that offers privacy. It ensures that no one else can read what's on your screen, whether you're working remotely and accessing company data in certain situations, checking email on your commute, shopping for groceries, or texting with friends.

3. Compatibility of Screen Protector

Choose a screen protector that gives you a variety of materials, coverage, and special feature options without limiting your case options. Be sure to choose a screen protector that offers the right level of protection and allows you to express your personal style.

4. Warranty
Do you remember how to tell if a screen protector is working? It broke. That’s why it’s so important to understand the terms of your screen protector warranty. Perfectsight offers a premium warranty on this purchase. You will enjoy free returns and lifetime warranty if you purchase the product of Perfectsight 2.0.