How to apply a phone screen protector without bubbles?

How to apply a phone screen protector without bubbles?

I believe that bubbles are a problem that some people will encounter when applying the screen protector. Then what are the steps to apply the screen protector correctly?

Step 1: Clean the screen of the phone

Before applying the screen protector, it is essential to clean your phone screen to avoid dust. You can clean with disinfectant wipes.

Step 2: Dry the Screen

After cleaning the mobile or tablet, wait for the screen to dry. The dry screen also won't allow air bubbles to appear beneath the protector. Avoid using cheap glass screen protectors.

Step 3: Remove the screen protector from the packing

Place the screen protector holder on the phone screen, remove your screen protector from its packaging, determine which side is up, and remove the protective coating.

Step 4: Align the Screen protector

Align the mobile phone screen protector with the retainer accurately. You can also use the screen protector's cutouts to help with alignment and make sure it's entirely on the screen to produce a flawless edge once applied.

Step 5: Apply the screen protector

After the screen protector is perfectly aligned, you can carefully remove the retainer. Being cautious not to take the screen protector off the device again, allowing dust to accumulate underneath.

Step 6: Remove the Bubbles

While applying a screen protector with this method, don't panic about seeing bubbles on the screen. Since no dust is trapped underneath, they are easy to remove. Take the credit card or any other card and push bubbles to the nearest edge.