Ultra HD Glass Screen Protector For iPhone | Perfectsight 1.0

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1.0 Version - The All-in-One Marvel:

Durability Unleashed: Resistant to scratches and drops, PerfectSight 1.0 ensures your device stays as pristine as your vision.
Crystal Clarity: Experience high definition visuals without compromise.
Glare and Peep Protection: Say goodbye to annoying glares and prying eyes with built-in anti-glare and privacy features.
Hydrophobic & Oleophobic: Water and oil resistance keep your screen clean and smudge-free.
Fingerprint-Free Magic: Touch, swipe, and scroll without leaving a trace.
2.0 Version - Rare Elements, Real Protection:

Earth's Elements Shield: Crafted with rare earth elements, PerfectSight 2.0 introduces a physical barrier against harmful blue light.
High-Tech Brilliance: Maintains the clarity you love while defending against digital eye strain.
3.0 Version - Glass Guardian:

Reinforced Toughness: Strengthened glass for added durability without compromising on touch sensitivity.
All-Around Enhancement: A holistic approach that combines the best features from 1.0 and 2.0, ensuring robust protection with improved hardness.
Choose PerfectSight, where innovation meets your unique vision needs. Select the version that fits your lifestyle, and see the world with unparalleled clarity and protection.