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Eye Protection Is Our Specialty

Solve Your Eye Fatigue When Using iPhone

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Eye Protection Is Our Specialty

Solve Your Eye Fatigue When Using iPhone

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Why We Need Anti Glare Screen Protector?

Why We Need Anti Glare Screen Protector?

Anti Glare (AG) Screen Protector is entering into the life of people for protecting eyes from the glare emitted from screen in digital screen ‘s times.

With the popularity of smartphones and iPads, electronic screens have become the “second organ” of human beings, followed by a large amount of glare.

The danger of glare has become a problem that cannot be ignored, and it will cause both physiology and psychology problems.


Even some ophthalmologists worry that in the next 30 years, when the “mobile phone generation” gradually grow old, the number of blind people may explode on a large scale.

From this article you could learn more about knowledge on glare and eye care anti glare screen protectors.

What is glare?


Glare (Vision) is a kind of visual condition.

The reason for this condition is mainly that

  1. the brightness distribution is not well-distributed in the human field of view;
  2. the brightness changes too much
  3. there is a huge contrast in space or time.

This causes discomfort to the human eye and reduces the ability of people to observe important objects, and usually causes both phenomena.

What's classification of glare?


Glare is an important factor affecting the quality of lighting.

According to the senses of the human body, glare can be divided into discomfort glare and disability glare.

  • Uncomfortable glare will cause visually unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling;
  • disability glare is the glare that can temporarily or even permanently reduce a person’s visual function.

According to the way glare is produced, it can be divided into direct glare and indirect glare.

  • The glare source of direct glare is located in the same direction and in the vicinity of the object to be observed, and refers to glare generated by light emitted by the illuminant having high brightness or without being fully blocked in the illumination environment.
  • Glare sources of indirect glare are generally in a non-observing direction, which is generally caused by light reflected from a highly smooth surface.

It is divided into two categories: veiling reflection and reflection glare.

  • Veiling reflection refers to superimposing a surface of a regular reflection image that is approximately diffusely reflected, so that the contrast of the observed object is reduced, and the object being viewed is partially or completely disturbed.
  • Reflected glare is usually related to the position and angle of the observer and is  produced by the highly smooth mirror-like surface reflecting light.

When watching the mobile phone for a long time, the glare that is constantly flashing on the screen will cause continuous stimulation to the eyes.

When the eyes keep capturing these light and shadows, the eyes will feel tired and cause damage to the tear film on the surface of the eyeball, causing dry eyes and deepen the myopia.

Do we know the damage of the glare?


Glare can cause ametropia or visual dysfunction, and the possibility of inducing disturbance of the nervous system and the human body clock.

In daily artificial lighting, when the illumination is 100–300lx and the flash frequency is not less than 150HZ, the light is more suitable for the human eyes.

When the illumination is too strong, and the flash frequency is insufficient, it is easy to cause eye fatigue, which may cause ametropia in the human eye.

When there is a strong light in a darker environment, the brightness of the two forms a sharp contrast, and the strong light will damage the younger retinal tissue of the child, causing visual dysfunction.

The eyes of the elderly will also be damaged because of their weak ability to metabolize the retina, which causes their eyes to be weakened by certain glare, resulting in irreparable damage to their vision.

For adults, glare can make the fatigue muscle tension too strong, which may cause certain damage to its self-regulation function. If you look at the mobile phones and iPads for a long time, the accumulation may reduce the visual function.

What eye care anti glare screen protectors can do?

Anti Glare and Anti Eye Strain & Fatigue

Anti-glare screen protector could reduces glare for your LCD screen with a anti glare coating not matte finish coating.

Cut Reflection, Comfort Your Eyes 

Anti-glare screen protector reduce 55% of mirror-like reflections from bright lights and keep your smartphone screen clear and visible to some extent.

Medical-grade Anti Glare Screen Protector, Block HEV Blue Light

NMPA Class 1 Medical Device approved by FDA, could reduce 8 Harmful Radiations:

  1. Anti Blue Light: 55%-70%
  2. Anti Glare: about 55%
  3. Cut Refelction: about 50%
  4. Anti UV ray: more than 80%
  5. Anti X-ray: more than 50%
  6. Anti Electromagnectic Radiation: about 70%
  7. Anti Near Infrared Ray: more than 50%
  8. Anti Far Infrared Ray:80%-90%

Anti Fingerprint, Easy To Clean

It also reduces fingerprints left on the screen. Your screen will remain clean and brand new looking at all times and it requires little cleaning.Meantime an anti-glare screen protector decreases clarity.

0.33mm Thickness, Smooth Good Feel and High Touch sensitivity

High quality, touch-responsive matte surface with AG Coating feels smooth to the touch.


According to the test report of the American Solar Light, PERFECTSIGHT eye care screen protector can significantly

  • reduce 70% of the harmful blue light and glossiness with the wavelength of about 450nm from the mobile phones and iPad screens and
  • reduces 55% of the glare and 65% of reflection.

Using PERFECTSIGHT eye care screen can reduce the risk of blue light damage and glare discomfort on the eyes, prevent visual fatigue and protect eye health.


FAQ on anti glare screen protectors

Is tempered glass anti glare?

Yes, AG (Anti Glare) coating not AR (Anti Refelctive) coating which could increase the tranmittance of light are used for tempered glass screen protectors (though not all tempered glass screen protectors applied by AG coating). It is blurry effect, and colors and contrast look almost the same.


How do I stop screen glare?

  • Turn up the brightness

This is a effective way to decrease glare harm to your eyes.Laptops usually have a brightness toggle that you can adjust;

While smartphones or tablet hide it in the command centre (for iOS, swipe up from the bottom while Android users swipe down from the top, twice if necessary).

Just remember to turn it down or change to auto if you no longer need it.

  • Install matte anti glare tempered glass or matte finish film screen protetors

These kind of screen protectors usually have great effect to decrease glare from your digital device. PERFECTSIGHT eye care matte anti glare screen protector is your best choice, anti glare: 55%, low refective: 50%, filter blue light (primary edition):about 20%, medical edition : 55% – 70%. 


Do laptop anti glare screen protectors work?

Yes, of course but it depend on the quality of anti-glare screen proctors. Anti-glare screen definitely reduces eyes strain than glossy screen.

When People working on my old glossy screen laptop, eyes used to get irritated after two to three hours and had to take eye drop. While working on screen applied anti glare screen protector. people can work without any strain on my eyes for more than 8 hours even worked for 18 hours.


Do anti-glare screen protectors make your phone waterproof?

Anti-glare screen protectors are designed to reduce glare and refelctive and cover only the screen of your smartphone and don’t act as shields against water exposure. They can prevent water from reaching the screen because of Antiglare coating, but if your phone is submerged, the protector will not prevent water damage. 


If I have a phone case, do I need an anti-glare screen protector?

Most phone cases aren’ t designed to protect the phone screen from breaking. If your screen is ever exposed to being scratched or cracked, it s important to make sure it’s protected. It is easier and more economical to replace a screen protector than the glass itself.


Why do anti-glare screen protectors vary so much in price?

Although all anti-glare screen protectors are designed to reduct glare and refelctive ,protect the screen of your smartphone, some do it better than others. Some anti-glare screen protectors are made of higher-grade transparent vinyl that provides better protection. Others may be textured for better grip, but this can blur your screen. 


What kinds of anti glare screen protectors you can supply?

PERFECTSIGHT eye care anti glare screen protectors mainly inclue Apple iPhone anti-glare screen protectors for all series model, Apple iPad anti-glare screen protectors for all series model, MacBook anti glare screen protectors for all series model.

If you want to buy other brand anti glare screen protectors like HUAWEI, Miscrosoft etc, it is also available but you need to place an order above 100 USD with free shipping.

We also accept mass OEM or ODM order.

PERFECTSIGHT Value “Born to protect you & your beloves’ eyes, enjoy healthy and colorful screen world”