Why Perfectsight iphone screen protector can protect your eyes

Why Perfectsight iPhone screen protector can protect your eyes

Nowadays, mobile phone screens occupy most of our daily lives. With the increase in the use of electronic devices, the eyes are prone to visual fatigue, sleep disorders, retinal cell damage, and other problems. Therefore, eye health is also attracting more and more attention, so choosing a mobile phone film that can protect eye health is very important.

Causes of Harm to Eyes

Electronic devices, such as mobile phones, produce blue light. Prolonged exposure to blue light can cause vision loss and increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration. The mobile phone screen is only about 10 to 20 centimeters away from the eyes, which is a very close distance. The blue light emitted by the screen has no reflection and directly enters the eyes at a close distance, and the intensity is very strong. In addition, exposure to strong blue light sources at night can disrupt biological clocks and affect sleep. Sensitive people, such as children and teenagers, may be more susceptible to the potential effects of blue light, such as headaches and visual fatigue.

How to achieve iPhone Screen Protector Eye Protection?

Rare Earth Materials:

The iPhone screen protector uses Rare Earth Eye Protection Coating technology, which evenly coats high-alumina silicon glass with rare earth elements. These materials are carefully selected to achieve the optimal balance of clarity and eye protection and to provide the best user experience.

Blue Light Filtering:

The rare earth coating also has an anti-blue light function that minimizes the filtering and reduction of blue light emitted by the iPhone screen protector, reducing the pressure on the eyes, relieving visual fatigue, and improving eye comfort.

Anti-Glare Properties:

This iPhone screen protector from Perfectsight reduces eye irritation caused by viewing bright cell phones in harsh sunlight or late at night.The coating provides an anti-glare effect by minimizing reflections on the screen. This not only enhances visibility, but also helps provide a more comfortable viewing experience in a variety of lighting conditions.

In a society focused on eye health, PerfectSight's rare earth coatings symbolize innovation, providing not only protection but an improved visual journey that meets contemporary needs.