What is AR( Anti Reflective Coating)?

What is AR(Anti-Reflective Coating)?

AR (anti-reflective coating) is a special optical coating applied to the surface of a lens or screen to reduce reflections and glare. It improves visibility, enhances clarity, and minimizes eye strain by allowing more light to pass through the lens or screen. The coating works by reducing the amount of light reflected from the surface, which leads to improved contrast, sharper images, and clearer views.

In a screen protector or device screen, an AR coating can enhance the overall viewing experience by reducing reflections, particularly in bright environments. The technology is commonly used in eyewear, phone screen protectors, and electronic displays to provide users with a more comfortable and visually appealing experience. For example, Perfectsight.

The latest iPhone screen protector from Perfectsight applies an anti-reflective coating, and the effect is remarkable. The light transmittance of the iPhone screen protector is as high as 94%, which helps reduce the screen reflectivity and minimizes reflection and glare issues caused by light sources. This is an update based on the original rare earth protective coating.

Evenly applying a rare earth eye protection coating to Corning glass material enables the blocking of blue light. This can alleviate visual fatigue resulting from prolonged exposure to electronic screens and help prevent eye-related diseases. What's more, it can also promote melatonin production and improve sleep quality.

Perfectsight also used the "water drop test" to evaluate the AR anti-reflective tempered screen protector. The water droplets form a rounded shape on the surface of the tempered glass screen protector in this test. The water droplets will quickly slide off after gently lifting the phone, which also indicates the presence of a tempered glass screen protector. The oleophobic coating on the surface of the screen protector effectively reduces fingerprints.

An excellent screen protector must not only have good effects but also be easy to understand. Perfectsight thoughtfully provides us with a tool. To apply the film, simply point the film application tool at the phone and align the film to complete the application process. Even people like me, who don't know how to apply film, can complete it easily.