We Are Surrounded by Glare: The Glare From Life

   We Are Surrounded by Glare: The Glare From Life

As you drove your car home from work, you encountered a vast expanse of white in front of the car window, and you couldn't see anything. Under the dazzling sunlight, it is not clear, no matter how you look at your phone. Have you ever had an experience similar to this? These are caused by glare! So what is glare? What kinds of glare exist in our lives? What methods should we take to prevent glare?

What is glare?

Glare refers to the decrease in visual contrast caused by an inappropriate distribution of brightness in the field of view, leading to a sensation of light that the human eye cannot adapt to. Glare is one of the most significant causes of visual fatigue. Glare mainly comes from reflected light from the sun, artificial lights, snow, and water surfaces. Working under such conditions for a long time can lead to boredom, irritability, and fatigue, significantly affecting people's productivity and quality of life. Furthermore, glare becomes more noticeable as we age.

What types of glare exist in our lives?

There are many striking phenomena in our lives. Do you experience eye discomfort when reading or looking at your mobile phone in strong sunlight, or when facing the bright headlights of an oncoming vehicle while driving? Or, look at the high-brightness mobile phone screen in the dark night. The higher the brightness of the light source, the greater the irritation to the eyes. Glare is uncomfortable lighting that can cause eye discomfort, such as tearing, frequent blinking, and decreased vision. Therefore, it is necessary to take certain measures to prevent glare.

How can glare be prevented?

Using an anti-glare mobile phone screen protector is a good solution to the glare protection issue on mobile phone screens, like the anti-glare iPhone screen protector from Perfectsight. This anti-glare screen protector can reduce glare by 55% through special processes that make the screen light, reduce ambient light softer, reduce the interference of ambient light, improve the viewing angle and brightness of the display screen, make the image clearer, and protect visual health. By incorporating rare earth elements into its design, the screen protector effectively defends against the harmful effects of blue light emitted by screens. If you have been concerned about glare for an extended period, the anti-glare iPhone screen protector from Perfectsight will be your best option.