Understanding Blue Light Technology And Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protector

Understanding Blue Light Technology and Blue Light Blocking iPhone Screen Protectors

In our digital world, screens consume most of our time. Increased screen time may impact vision and disrupt sleep patterns. The main reason for this situation is blue light. The blue light emitted by electronic digital devices can cause serious damage to your eyes. In this case, if anti-blue light technology is used properly, it also offers some solutions to users.

Screen protectors made with anti-blue light technology are quite useful. These screen protectors can protect both adults and children.

What is Blue Light?

The sun is the primary source of blue light. And later, light sources also came from candles and light bulbs. With the development of technology, there are more and more light sources, such as televisions, smartphones, computers, and other electronic devices.

Each color of light in our visible spectrum has a different wavelength and energy level. At the other end of the spectrum, you'll find blue light. It is more vibrant and has a shorter wavelength than other colors.

How does blue light affect us?

Given that blue light is extensively utilized in our daily routines, our exposure to it has escalated. Overexposure to blue light can be harmful. Exposure to blue light, especially at night, may suppress melatonin production, reduce the quality of our sleep, and make us feel tired the next day.

It is necessary for our bodies to receive some blue light. Research shows that it is important for our normal sleep and wakefulness. Blue light can also influence our emotions. Additionally, blue light remains effective in strengthening our immune system. If the amount of blue light received from various devices is higher than usual, several side effects can occur.

For example, eye fatigue, headaches, difficulty concentrating, blurred vision, etc. Greater risk of various cancers. Long-term exposure to it may cause permanent damage to your eyes. Additionally, individuals who are regularly exposed to excessive blue light have been found to have significantly higher rates of depression and other mental disorders.

What is anti-blue light technology?

There are two types of anti-blue light technology. The other one is a reflective anti-blue light filter. It mainly utilizes film technology to cover the surface of the glasses lens with a high-reflectivity anti-blue light film layer, which absorbs a certain amount of ultraviolet and short-wave radiation from the external environment. Harmful radiation, such as blue light, is reflected back. One way to absorb blue light, using light complementary technology to absorb higher-energy blue light by adding specific dyes and coatings to absorb the higher-energy blue light, thus achieving the desired anti-blue light effect. For instance, Perfectsight applies a rare earth eye protection coating to the surface of the iPhone screen protector to achieve anti-blue light and eye protection effects, filtering out up to 69% of blue light.

How can anti-blue light technology help us?

For example, children are at risk because their eyes are not fully developed until they are ten years old. Therefore, blue light may have a negative impact on their health. Therefore, it is necessary to choose an anti-blue light mobile phone screen protector or anti-blue light glasses.