How to remove or install Screen Protector for iPhone

How to remove or install Screen Protector For iPhone

1. Prepare Your Tool:

Before installation, prepare your iPhone, screen protector, and installation tools.

2.Clean screen:

Take out the alcohol cloth and clean the dirt on the phone screen. Then use the dust-free cloth to clean up the water stains on the screen. If there is dust, please use the dust removal sticker to remove it again.

3. Installation of the Screen Protector:

The end of the installation frame with the top logo should be aligned with the direction of the front camera of the phone and placed on the screen of the phone. The screen protector hole position should be consistent with the phone camera hole position. Gently remove the backboard, align the screen protector, and place it into the installation frame. Use your finger to swipe across the middle to make the screen protector adhere to the phone screen. Remove the frame and complete it.

4.Remove dust:

Lift the screen protector from the edge of the bubble, cross the bubble position, and slowly press down with your finger to push out the bubble and make it fit. Gently lift the edge of the screen protector with your fingers, use the dust removal sticker to gently remove the dust or lint, and then slowly press down with your fingers to make it fit.

5.Final Check:

Ensure the protector is properly aligned and there are no bubbles, dust, or lint under the surface.

6. Allow for Adhesion:

Leave your phone untouched for a few minutes to allow the screen protector to adhere securely.

Following these steps will help you install a screen protector on your phone effectively, providing an added layer of protection for your device. Click on the video to view it!