Perfectsight™anti-blue light eye protection iPad paperlike screen protector

Controversial Technology—Perfectsight™ Anti-blue Light Eye Protection iPad Paperlike Screen Protector

Why do we recommend iPad paperlike screen protectors from Perfectsight™ ?

Ipad paperlike screen protectors from Perfectsight™ are most effective when used in different scenarios

  1. For drawing and designing: reduce the wear and tear on the apple pencil tip of your pens, which will save you money on purchasing an apple pencil tip.
  2. For using of life and entertainment:reduce the reflective effect, which will allow you to achieve the best viewing effect even in particularly bright places.
  3. For children: the eyes are not fully developed before the age of 18, and excessive eye use can lead to vision loss. This is irreversible, and the screen protector of Perfectsight™ will minimize the damage caused by light.

The solution to the broken touch problem

On the one hand, iPad paperlike screen protector of poor quality will use inferior adhesive in order to reduce cost. On the other hand, an iPad screen protector that is too thick will cause the screen protector and the screen of the iPad to not fit perfectly. So when drawing or performing other operations, there will be a broken touch. It’s affect the mood of the experience and use very much. If you are sure that broken contacts are due to poor-quality screen protectors, the best solution is to replace them with a better screen protector. The slim 0.3mm thickness and responsive, constant touch of Perfectsight™ iPad paperlike screen protector must be your best partner.

Nano-Polymer Alignment Process

This technology is designed to protect the apple pencil tip used for drawing. Laboratory tests have shown that after 100 hours of continuous friction on different apple pencil tips, there are no visible abrasion marks. Of course, these may be related to different environments, humidity, usage scenarios, and usage habits. If you have a pen with a special meaning and you are thinking about this, the Perfectsight™ ipad paperlike screen protector is surely the best choice for you.

The harmful effects of blue light

There has been a strong controversy about blue light, and some doctors have shown that there is no need for anti-blue light. But is this really true in our lives nowadays? Next, you can watch Mike, the professional doctor, explain the impact of blue light on our lives.

In life, the prolonged use of electronic devices, such as computers, cell phones, tablets, etc., causes the symptoms of eye fatigue and discomfort. These symptoms include dry eyes, fatigue, blurriness, headaches, neck pain, and more, which are usually caused by prolonged screen gazing, decreased blinking, and increased exposure of the eyes to blue light. Look up a keyword <digital eyestrain> if you think it is false.

If you are able to get enough sleep every day and do not look at electronic screens for 3 hours before bedtime, then there is really no need for blue light protection.

The significance of anti-blue light of Perfectsight™ iPad paperlike screen protector

When you need to use your iPad for work or entertainment before going to bed, blue light protection measures are necessary for the sake of your health.

Perfectsight™ ipad screen protectors are made by spraying a variety of rare earth elements onto the screen protector, and the rare earths will effectively absorb the blue light and radiation. Rare earths and the technology will have a very high value, and the technology is usually used in the production of fighter jets, which is in order to protect radar detection and to achieve the invisibility of the aircraft.

So if you need to use the iPad in a dim environment and want to tackle the rest of your life and work in good condition, it is necessary to choose the anti-blue light iPad paperlike screen protector from Perfectsight™.

Dimly lit and exposed environments

Perfectsight™ iPad paperlike screen protector is not only good protection at night but also has good function in the daytime. The anti-glare feature is also a feature you should consider.

One disease—snow blindness can be used as a reference

There is often snow on the plateau, and the snow has a high emissivity to sunlight. The reflectivity of a pure fresh snow surface can be as high as 95%, making it extremely easy to cause eye damage that can lead to snow blindness.

Snow blindness is mainly characterized by redness and swelling of the eyelids, congestion and edema of the conjunctiva, intense foreign body sensation and pain, photophobia, tearing and inability to open the eyes, and even blurred vision in severe cases.

In some scenarios, your iPad reflects lights and sunlight, exposing your eyes to direct glare. This high intensity of light can definitely cause eye damage. That's why the anti-glare feature of Perfectsight™ is also a feature you should consider.

This is generally done to avoid irreversible eye diseases that can be caused by exposing the child's, unknowingly, eyes to bright light for long periods of time.

AF Anti-Fingerprint

The feature of AF anti-fingerprint is designed so that it won't be easy for you to smudge the screen and clean it badly. It makes an impact on drawing or working.

The technology is well established, and perhaps this is not the advantage that makes Perfectsight™ competitive.


Perfectsight™ paperlike screen protector is only for drawing.