An Upgraded Screen Protector Born to Protect Your Eyes & Your Phone

An Upgraded Screen Protector Born to Protect Your Eyes & Your Phone——The Anti-reflection Screen Protector by Perfectsight!

Are you ready to transform your iPhone experience? We’re excited to unveil our cutting-edge breakthrough in screen protection technology: the Anti-Reflection(AR) iPhone Screen Protector!

Why This is a Must-Have Accessory for Your Phone?

Enhanced Visual Clarity

Our new screen protector incorporates AR technology into our trusted anti-blue light solution, increasing the screen's light transmittance and decreasing reflection to a greater extent. The result? Your screen will display richer colors and more dynamic images, bringing you closer to the most authentic visual quality your phone can offer.

Superior Eye Protection

We continue to prioritize your eye health by using a rare earth eye protection coating. This technology coats the glass with rare earth elements, filtering out at least 55% of harmful blue light in the 435-440nm spectrum—where short-wave energy peaks. While some blue light (480-500nm) is beneficial, exposure to wavelengths below 445nm can cause photochemical retinal damage. Our screen protector effectively reduces exposure to the most harmful blue light, helping alleviate eye strain, enhance sleep quality, and minimize long-term health risks.

Anti Glare

Good anti-glare effect. Extended screen time often leads to significant eye strain from persistent glare. Our state-of-the-art anti-glare technology significantly reduces screen reflections, allowing for clearer visibility even in brightly lit conditions, thus reducing eye fatigue, preventing dry eyes, and mitigating potential myopia progression.

Unmatched Durability

Rated at a hardness of 9H, our robust screen protector provides supreme defense against scratches, fingerprints, Waterproof and oilproof,and even accidental drops, ensuring your device remains pristine.

Ready to upgrade your phone experience? Visit our website at to discover more about our Anti-Reflection Screen Protector and secure your phone today.

Looking forward to joining us on our mission to redefine screen protection. Experience the difference with Perfectsight's Upgraded Anti-Reflection Screen Protector!

Born to Protect Your Eyes & Your Phone!